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Our top Physiotheray Exercises to help

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Rediscover Physio

The key muscles for knee movement are the quadriceps and the hamstrings. Building the strength of the knee muscles is the most important part of getting back your range of movement and quality of life from Knee arthritis. The goal with physiotherapy is to strengthening your knee until you are strong enough to complete your daily activities without pain. 

Below are our 2 exercises to start strengthening your knee muscles to reduce your knee arthritis pain. 

1. Quad muscles

Sitting down with your legs straight in front of you. 

Place a rolled up towel or a foam roller underneath your knee. 

Push your knee into the towel or foam roller, lifting your foot off the ground. 

Hold for 10 seconds. 

Complete 10 repetitions. 

2. Hamstring Muscles

Laying down on your stomach. 

With your legs straight behind you. Slowly bring your heel towards your bottom until you cannot go any further. Then slowly control your leg straightening again.

Complete the exercises on both legs. 

If you find that your knee arthritis pain has improved with these two exercises, call Rediscover Physio on 0420474447 to find out how to progress them further. 

Our top Physiotheray Exercises to help

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