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Our physiotherapists at Rediscover Physio, are athletes ourselves, therefore we are passionate about helping people on the Sunshine Coast to perform at their physical best. With extensive experience providing sports physiotherapy with professional athletes and sports teams, as well as your weekend warriors doing the hardest job of managing full time work and training for their goals

We use the same strategies that we use with elite athletes as we do with age group athletes. Whether your goal is the local park run in Noosa or Mudjimba, or the Sunshine Coast half marathon, we are able to help you achieve your goals.


Often running injuries are treated with rest, before being told to return to running after strengthening to no success. Our sports physiotherapy technique is to mange your running while building up your capacity while addressing your biomechanics

Our Sports Physiotherapists are all qualified running coaches in Coolum Beach and use that extra knowledge to help you manage your running injury.


The consistent nature of swimming training can cause athletes to suffer from common shoulder Injuries

Our physiotherapists are highly trained to complete Musculoskeletal screens to identify potential risks for injury and also areas to improve and become a faster swimmer.

We work with a number of Coaches on the Sunshine Coast to improve swimming technique, to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.


Managing three sports has its benefits of being able to build fitness across three sports which allows for providing rest for different muscles. However, this increases your risk of injury compared to one sport.

Rediscover Physio is a leading sports physiotherapy clinic on the Sunshine Coast in the assessment and treatment of triathlon injuries.
Our physiotherapists use courses they have completed in biomechanics of running and swimming, as well as in bike fits to reduce the risk of injury. We also use these skills to help build plans and manage a return back into sport after an injury.

Gymnastics and Dancing

Our physiotherapists understand that gymnastics and dancing is a highly physical sport requiring good power, control and flexibility. Pushing this power and control at extreme ranges of movement is the reason that dancers and gymnasts are at risk of injuring themselves.

Our physiotherapists are aware that your "limitations" might be normal for day to day, but are not normal for you. Working with dancers and gymnasts we understand the importance of strength work combined with stretching and balancing the two.


Australian Football is one of the growing sports in Australia. The nature of AFL is the cause of 50% of injuries.

Our physiotherapists have all worked on the sidelines of weekend sport, and are trained to assess acute injuries, create return to play protocols to get you back to sport as soon as possible.

Water Polo

Water Polo on the Sunshine Coast is a common sport especially with the Women's team training on the Coast leading up to the 2021 Olympics. Due to the aggression of water polo combined with the power required to stay over the water there is often 1 injury for every 7 players a year.

Our physiotherapists are trained to do screening to find your weaknesses, likely risk of injury and build programs to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury in the future.

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