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What causes knee pain?

Knee Pain can be caused by an acute injury such as a ligament or sporting injury or a gradual increase in pain from patello-femoral pain syndrome or arthritis.

Knee Physio

What causes knee pain? 

What causes knee pain? Knee pain can be widespread with many different causes from a recent injury to a long term gradual worsening of symptoms. For this reason it is important to do a detailed assessment of your muscles, joint, ligaments, nearby joints and detailed assessment of you stepping or walking. This can be used to individualise your rehabilitation to your personal needs rather than a one size fits all. 

When should I see a Physiotherapist for my knee Pain?

Sometimes a wait and see approach is often taken before seeking medical advice for an injury. You should see a physiotherapy or General Practitioner after an acute or traumatic knee injury, such as sporting knee injuries. Other times you should see your physiotherapist are:- If there is an obvious deformity.
If there is swelling within the first 24 hours, especially if there is instant swelling.
You heard or felt a “pop” or “snap”.
You are unable to stand or walk on your leg.
 Your knee “gives way”

Treatment for knee pain

The most important part of a physiotherapy consult with knee pain is a detailed assessment to find the true cause of your pain. Education on symptom management for you to continue your daily routine as much as possible. This includes possible taping, braces and activity modification. By completing a detailed assessment we are able to treat the deficits contributing to your knee pain. Strengthening the weak muscles and addressing walking, squatting and lifting if required. Check out our blog post for exercises to help with knee arthritis pain

The best exercise for knee pain!

Because knee pain can be caused by so many different conditions, it can be hard to come up with the best exercise to help manage your knee pain.

If you have an acute injury it is strongly recommended to seek professional individualised assessment and management.

If you have had a gradual onset of pain with no specific cause of pain, we recommend trying the following exercise while you are waiting to get in to see a physiotherapist. If it causes pain stop immediately.

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