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Running is a passion for all, whether it’s starting running, managing a running injury or improving your running performance. Rediscover Physio in Coolum Beach is the one stop for all your running physiotherapy needs on the Sunshine Coast.

I'm David Castle-Burns, and I'm a Ironman Triathlete, Physiotherapist and qualified Run Coach.

My physiotherapy journey started out when I was 17 and suffering from a runners knee that I was being treated for for over 1 year. I decided to become a physiotherapist because of the frustration of stopping running, complete strengthening and then start running again, to just be recycling the same process constantly.

Over the last 5 years I have worked with hundreds of runners and triathletes to get them back to running, and racing pain free. I understand the benefit of a balanced training load with a progressive strengthening program, over resting to get you back to your goals.

My focus is to support you in getting back to running pain free. As well as allowing you to become a strong, fast and injury free runner.

Download our Free Rediscover Running Training Plan

Are you returning from an injury or interested in starting to run for the first time in an extended period? This is Rediscover Physio’s recommended return to running plan, created with consultation from qualified run coaches as well as qualified physiotherapists. The program uses a culmination of gradually increasing running distance combined with progressive strengthening programs to reduce the risk of injury.

Managing a Running Injury

Have you been told “Stop Running”, and when you start running again you are in pain?

For what ever reason you started running, most people want to maintain it. However often running injuries can be difficult to manage and can last over 4 years or until someone gives up on running.

A lot of people seeking a physiotherapist for running injuries walk into the room saying that they “aren’t meant to run” and that “their body isn’t designed to run”. Running is a natural and normal part of everyone’s body. However, due to our sedentary lifestyles it is important to gradually increase your running and speed. If you increase the speed or distance too quickly you are at risk of a running injury.

Running injuries are common and affects over 50% of runners every single year. With the most common cause being in the knee.

Common causes of runner’s injuries 

  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome
  • Shin Splints
  • Achilles Pain
  • Plantarfasciitis

How can physiotherapy help your running injury? 

  • A physiotherapist is able to accurately assess your running injury.
  •  Give a guided return to running 
  • Muscle testing to find weak or strong over used muscles that could be contributing to your injury, and providing rehabilitation exercises to address
  • Running gait analysis to observe your technique while running to better understand and address your injury.

Are you suffering from a Running Inury?

If you are suffering from a running injury, call Rediscover Physio. Our Physiotherapists are experienced with running rehabilitation and can advise you whether physiotherapy can help.

Running Performance

Run Screening Assessments Run screening assessments are not just to help reduce the risk of injury. Other benefits of a run screen include:

Improving your running efficiency to help you run faster. Strengthening your muscles to improve your power. Awareness and management of tight muscles. Improve your speed by improving muscle activation.

What else can a Physiotherapist do to help you?

Running gait analysis.
Providing gait training drills.
Relaxing tight muscles to help reduce the risk of injuries from running.

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