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Online Knee Osteoarthritis Rehabilitation

Have you been told that to fix your Knee Arthritis, you need to do exercise?
Have you been paying for physiotherapy sessions to do exercise with a physio?
We’re here to help you fix your Knee osteoarthritis now from the luxury of your own home.
Built by highly qualified physiotherapists in Australia, using evidenced based strengthening programs. Recent studies have shown that following such a program online improved 70% of the participants in a “clinically meaningful” way. With improvements in pain, physical activity, quality of life and overall satisfaction.
All for just a one time cost of $37.50 AUD

Our Online Knee Arthritis Rehab Program

Knee Arthritis starts from the age of 30 onwards, but generally becomes painful, from a gradual loss of knee strength, combined with strength and range of movement of the ankle and hip, often around the age of 50.
This program is broken into four seperate phases, that are focused on achieving specific goals. These phases allow you to progress your exercises at your own pace, while also ensuring you progress as required to continue to improve your day-to-day knee pain.


Start the program when you are ready, with a one-time only fee
  1. Phase 1: Focuses on reducing general pain and regain range of movement.
  2. Phase 2: Focuses on tolerating walking, sit to stand and other weight bearing activities around the house.
  3. Phase 3: Focuses on no pain after exercise and managing stairs or hills.
  4. Maintenance phase: Maintain your pain free day-to-day activities for as long as possible.

This graduated program will assist in rediscovering your potential or building strength in preparation for Surgery.

Benefits of Our Online Knee Rehab


Rehabilitation for knee arthritis is often expensive, with regular physiotherapy consults, doctors, scans and surgery.
This program is a one time purchase of $37.5 AUD for the whole progressive strengthening program for knee osteoarthritis.

Wait Times

Why wait for a physiotherapy consult at their earliest convenience?
By completing this program, you are able to do the exercises when it suits you.
Complete them in the comfort of your own home without needing weekly consults to progress.


Progress your program when you are ready and when it suits you. When you meet the achievement standards of each phase, move on to the next phase. This saves you having to wait for a follow up consult from a physiotherapist before progressing.


Our programs are created by Physiotherapists and Strength and Conditioning coaches. Using evidenced based strategies to manage your knee arthritis.

Get out of Pain

Research shows that the strengthening of the knee, is the most effective management strategy for knee arthritis.
It is the best way to get out of pain with your day-to-day activities and help you live with knee arthritis.


Who does the program suit?

The program is suited for anyone with knee pain from osteoarthritis. It will suit you if you are trying conservative management to prevent the need for a knee replacement or if you need to do pre-surgery physiotherapy to build your strength prior to surgery.

How do I access the Program

Our rehabilitation program is hosted through Patreon. Once you have purchased the program. You will have constant access indefinitely through your Patreon account. You can also download the Patreon app, where you can download the program to use when you are not connected to the internet.

What equipment is needed

Body weight and Resistance band – that can be purchased from your local sport shop and a makeshift step – which can be a step in the house.

How do I Cancel my Membership

The program is one single purchase with lifetime access. There are no ongoing fees to access the program or increase in costs in the future.



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