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What are the common causes of Shoulder Pain?

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The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in our body. Allowing us to reach behind our back, over our head and out in front of us. This is achieved by the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder combined with the design of the shoulder bones and joint. Due to the increased movement to complete our daily activities there are many causes of possible shoulder pain. The most common causes of shoulder pain are: 

1. Dislocation

This can occur when your shoulder or arm are pulled back quickly or rotated to far it can cause too much movement between the bones where they can dislocate. This can cause  pain, burning or even tingling. It is strongly recommended not to relocate your shoulder if it has dislocated, as sometimes impingement of nerves and arteries can cause long term damage. 

2. Fracture 

After a fall it is possible to break a component of your shoulder. You will have a lot of pain, affecting most of your movements, and may result in your shoulder bruising. 

3. Rotator Cuff Tear

Your rotator cuff muscles are the key muscles to complete all shoulder movements. They can show signs of ageing as you get older, as well as be damaged from repetitive and heavy movements. Your shoulder may hurt during the night, as well as with simple tasks like combing your hair or lifting a pot in the kitchen. 

4. Bursitis

Bursa’s are in every joint, as they are designed to stop muscles from damaging the bone. They can get aggravated from the constant pressure of completing the same movements over and over again. It can also be aggravated by increased pressure from Rotator cuff muscle injuries. 

5. Impingement 

After injuries, the body finds a way to go forward, using other muscles to complete a shoulder movement. This can change the way that the shoulder moves within the joint which can cause muscle tendons to be pinched within the bones. Impingement can be aggravated when reaching above your head for showering or even getting dressed. 

With so many things that could be causing your shoulder pain, how is an accurate diagnosis achieved? A well structured exam based on your injury history can effectively rule out a condition from the spine and give an accurate diagnosis. 

If you have shoulder pain affecting your day to day activities, call Rediscover Physio on 0420474447, to talk to a physiotherapist about whether you would benefit from an assessment and treatment for your shoulder pain. 

What are the common causes of Shoulder Pain?

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