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Looking for a Physiotherapist near Peregian Springs?

Looking for a Physiotherapist near Peregian Springs?

Physiotherapist near Peregian Springs that serves the community!

Are you looking for the most relevant, evidenced based physiotherapy for your individual injury near Peregian Springs to get better? Rediscover Physio is the clinic that can help you rediscover your potential and get you back to your hobbies and work, pain free.

Physiotherapist near Peregian Springs that serves the community!

When it comes to physiotherapy near Peregian Springs, let Rediscover Physio help you rediscover your potential. To help someone to rediscover their best from an injury or to enhance sports performance requires experienced and quality physiotherapy. At Rediscover Physio located 10 minutes from Peregian Springs, this is what we are all about.
Assessment: A detailed analysis of what is troubling you to get to the cause of the problem.
Treatment: Providing quality, skilled and evidenced based physiotherapy services near Peregian Springs.
Individualised: Providing individualised physiotherapy advice to allow you to make the decisions that you need with the best advice possible.
Rediscover Physio can help with:
– Neck pain
– Hip and Knee pain
– Sports injuries
– Shoulder injuries
– Chronic pain


Why Choose Rediscover Physiotherapy?


At Rediscover Physio our mission is to use evidenced based physiotherapy practices to improve your capacity and help you discover your potential. We’re passionate about delivering the best Physiotherapy care for you. We promise to make you stronger, fitter and better so that you can rediscover your potential.

Offering the Sunshine Coast physio services to our local community. We practice out of OzFitness Gym in Coolum Beach. We offer a mixture of hands on therapy like massage with exercise based therapy to give you the best outcome.


Our vision is to ensure that individuals in our local community have access to quality Sunshine Coast Physio, so they can fully engage in their daily activities, whether they are at home, work, or pursuing their hobbies.
We firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to excel and enjoy life to the fullest. By leveraging the power of physiotherapy, we aim to assist our community members in unlocking their true potential and regaining their physical abilities. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to create an environment where individuals can rediscover their strengths and live their lives to the absolute best.


At the core of every physiotherapy consultation are three fundamental values that guide our practice: excellence, integrity, and empathy.
These values form the foundation of our approach to providing the highest standard of care. When you enter our treatment room, you become the center of our attention. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, utilizing our expertise to help you achieve your goals and improve your well-being. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the best possible treatment and care throughout your physiotherapy journey.

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    Services available from Rediscover Physio

    Servicing Peregian Springs community with Physiotherapy Services

    Quality physiotherapy clinic on the Sunshine Coast is found near Peregian Springs. Rediscover Physio is here to help you rediscover your potential using manual therapy, massage, exercise and many more services on offer. Rediscover Physio also services nearby areas such as Coolum Beach and Marcoola.