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What are the common causes of Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in our body. Allowing us to reach behind our back, over our head and out in front of us. This is achieved by the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder combined with the design of the shoulder bones and joint. Due to the increased movement to complete […]

What is the remedy for knee pain to people aged 45 above?

There are many causes of knee pain, it can be a recent injury from a sporting game or a fall that has caused a sudden sharp pain in the knee. These should always be reviewed by your GP at the minimum. There are also chronic knee injuries, which gradually build up over time, these are […]

Our top Physiotheray Exercises to help

The key muscles for knee movement are the quadriceps and the hamstrings. Building the strength of the knee muscles is the most important part of getting back your range of movement and quality of life from Knee arthritis. The goal with physiotherapy is to strengthening your knee until you are strong enough to complete your […]

Physiotherapy guide: Return to running after injury.

The hardest part about recovering from a running injury is actually returning to running. ‘This is mostly because of a poor understanding of the running injury, with a belief that it was the final run that caused the injury, not a build up of runs. This often leads to people trying to return to running […]